1. The objective of the anti-ragging committee is to make the campus ragging free. The ragging-free environment should prevail in hostel, mess, and even during transportation in college buses.
2. To establish & regulate the anti-ragging squad.
1. The squad members should be active enough to detect any sort of ragging-related activities.
2. The student should inform immediately the committee through the convener about any inappropriate ragging activity.
3. An immediate meeting should be called to discuss the received complaint.
4. The perspective of each member regarding the complaint should be taken into considerations.
5. The recommendations of each member shall be asked for, regarding the ragging activity.
Name of the Chairperson of Anti-ragging Committee Dr. Mamta Srivastava
Is Information provided on the website and prospectus of the institute Yes
If yes status of the case(Pending/closed) Closed
No of Meeting in year 2
The case reported in previous years No
Toll-Free No. For Anti-ragging +91 8177001081
Email cgclko01@gmail.com