Goel Institute of Pharmacy & Sciences level Gender sensitization cell has been constituted in the year 2019. It has been instructed to spread the message of gender equality in order to eliminate gender bias insensitivity through seminars, poster display, organizing exhibitions etc. The Gender Sensitization Cell exists for the prevention/action against gender-related issues.
Roles & Responsibilities:
1. The gender sensitization committee is all about gender equality or sexual equality.
2. It ensures equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender.
3. It ensures that all genders as stated by the constitution should be provided equal rights irrespective of their economic and social constraints so that everyone can grow and develop their careers.
4. It also ensures that no one should be avoided by any basic amenities based on their gender.
5. This committee acts constantly in an efficient and effective manner for balancing the equality parameters between all the genders.
Name of the Chairperson of Cell Dr. Mamta Srivastava
No of Meeting in year 2
If yes status of the case(Pending/closed) Closed
No. of activities in a year(Workshop/Guest lecture/Orientation) 1
Case reported in previous years No